Burgundians - A lance in 54mm

I renew the blog because I think this format is more adapted to present the long time project. It finaly complete all the others publications on Facebook and on Instagram (you will find all the links below). 

Sometime ago, I bought some 54mm miniatures of knights. They are from The edition Atlos or Altaya (I don't know). In a first time i want only play them as they are for kids demo. 

But with the lockdown I finaly start to paint them. I just want to paint another scale than the 28mm. I choose to paint the burgundian lance. a Burgundian lance is compound :

  • 1 men at arm - in charge of the 'management' and of the pay
  • 3 mounted archers
  • 1 coustillier (could be Page)
  • 1 page (non fighter).
  • 1 pikemen
  • 1 Xbowmen
  • 1 handgunner

So I paint the men at Arm and the Coustillier (I choose him in full armor)

After a Crossbowmen mounted (I didn't found suitable archer) and the Hangunner.  I choose the Classical livery of the Burgundian Dukes : Azur, Argent et Croix de Saint André de Geule.

After I paint : a bownen, the page and sorry for the historical accurency, an archer that is more from the painting as Pseudo Roman than a true armor. For the Page i found some picture I used for the painting. The Banner is from the Krigsspil collection.

Last but least, I paint the Foot Xbow with pavise (inspirated from a real one) the pikeman and the second archer. 

The Whole group :

Main Links :
  1. Facebook : Alea Jacta est Mini (Every day publications)
  2. Instagram : Alea jacta est Mini (Les previews ofFacebook)
  3. Historical study on the burgundian standards
  4. Krigsspill.dk - (via wayback machine)


  1. Très chouette article. J'aime bien le format blog, qui permet de mieux lire et d'avoir plus d'explications.

    1. Merci c'est le but de ce format. Il me permet de mettre plus d'informations pour ceux qui le veulent ! Content que cela marche !


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